Thursday, July 10, 2008

DB2 Manual Installation on Linux


* Login as root.
* Create groups:
o groupadd -g 999 db2iadm1
o groupadd -g 998 db2fadm1
o groupadd -g 997 dasadm1

* Create users for each group:
o useradd -u 1004 -g db2iadm1 -m -d /home/db2inst1 db2inst1
o useradd -u 1003 -g db2fadm1 -m -d /home/db2fenc1 db2fenc1
o useradd -u 1002 -g dasadm1 -m -d /home/dasusr1 dasusr1

* Set password for each users created:
o passwd db2inst1
o passwd db2fenc1
o passwd dasusr1

* cd to installation file directory:
o Example: /tmp/db2/exp/disk1

* Run installation script:
o ./

Post Install

* Login as root.
* Install license (example):
o /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/adm/db2licm –a /tmp/db2/exp/disk1/db2/license/db2exp_uw.lic

Create the DB2 Administration Server (DAS)

* Login as root.
* Create DAS with dasusr1
o /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/instance/dascrt -u dasusr1

* Login as dasuser1
o Start the DAS: db2admin start

* Optional: to enable autostarting of the DAS upon reboot
o /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/instance/dascrt/dasauto –on

Create DB2 instance

* Login as root.
* Create instance with users db2fenc1 and db2inst1:
o /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/instance/db2icrt -a server -u db2fenc1 db2inst1
* Optional: enable autostarting of the db2inst1 instance
o /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1/instance/db2iauto –on db2inst1

Update environment variables

* Example:
* Login as db2inst1
* edit .bash_profile
o vi /home/db2inst1/.bash_profile
o insert the following line at the end of the file – “. /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile”

* Do the same for dasusr1, using its corresponding directory.

Database service

* Login as root:
* Add new service entry:
o vi etc/services
o insert this line “DB2_TMINST 50000/tcp” at the end of the file


* Login as db2inst1
* List installed DB2 products and features: db2ls
* Display the default instance: db2 get instance
o Result: The current database manager instance is: db2inst1
* Start the database instance: db2start
o Result: SQL1063N DB2START processing was successful.
* Stop the database instance: db2stop
o Result: SQL1064N DB2STOP processing was successful.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why to stay alone atleast once in bachelor life

After a long time I feel, I need to write why I love to stay alone. Many friends asked me why r you staying alone?, are you not bored to be alone. One of my collegues ask me again few days back the same question. So, to answer everyone seprately, I thought it's good if nxt time any body will ask I will pass my blog's link.

I think everyone should live alone atleast for few months and see.
Its certainly a different experience. Though there wont be any company when we need it and things like that, the freedom it offers is amazing.

Living with someone or a group is good in its own way. But there is always somebody else to consider. Even when you are not hungry enuf, you got to do stuff for the other person, you just cant sit and see that the other person’s working and all that. When you are alone, The house is all yours. You can eat when you want, you can take bath when you want, its all you..You are the sole custodian for the Remote control and what not.

You can just lie around and do nothing, or get creative and do stuff without any inhibitions. There is no one to comment, judge or criticize. It is truly your Home, where you don’t have to answer anyone. Ofcourse in our mind, our parents are gonna criticize how we are keeping the house and what not, but you can atleast try to ignore it, when its in your head.

Through out our School, College life either we live with our Parents or Hostel or with your roommates, so there is always rules to follow. I mean, somebody else’s rules. When we start earning and stuff, we can have our own rules based on our values. Its fun having roommates when your frequency aligns. Otherwise it’s a royal pain, everybody knows that. I have had my share of my roommates during college time. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it wasn’t.

I had to stay alone for a year, few years back. There was no company. I had never even slept alone in a room before that. I am so tuned into all these ghost and stuff, sleeping alone was an impossible task for me. So I was kinda scared about staying alone. So initially, I used to sleep with Bedroom light on and slowly I learned to sleep with just a night lamp. Daytiem, it was never a problem for me. Dark scares me..Sometimes, I missed company. But I really started enjoying it. It was fun. Weekends, sleep late, wakeup around noon, eat take outs and cook sometimes if I feel like it, read lots and lots of books, no need to worry whether I am disturbing somebody with my crazy habits, I totally enjoyed it.

I am not talking against staying with Roommates and all.. I know lot of people enjoy that. I am just saying it’s a good experience to have, to stay alone for sometime and see..

After Marriage, its not possible. You cant stay alone and spend your parent’s money either. So all we have is that small period, where we earn and can be financially independent and unmarried. Ofcourse, staying alone in old age is not that good. There are lots of disadvantages in living alone, when you are old. So, that’s ruled out, I mean if we have the choice.

One main disadvantage in staying alone though, People tend to become loners..

There are other many good factors which forced me to stay alone. So, stay tune for other good new factors ......