Monday, January 29, 2007


Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with more than 123,000 people in 48 countries. It is a big company with total revenue being around 19 billion US Dollar.

Salary: Accenture gives a fresher salary of 2.7 lakhs per annum.
Onsite Opportunities: Onsite opportunities are project dependent. If the project manager feels you've worked long enough and that the onsite team cannot do with you, you'll be there, may be for 1-2 yrs. Or else if there is a training that the project manager wants you to do and if this training is available only in onsite, they'll send you. Accenture has a presence of about 1.5 lakh employees around the world, so they unlike Infy don’t need many people to visit their onsite locations from India; therefore onsite opportunities are somewhat less here.

Training: Well, frankly speaking, training as in Classroom training is only for 2 months. One month training is going to be a refresher in C, C++, SQL, etc. Then the people here will allot you to some technology. The second month of training is on that technology (Java, .NET, Peoplesoft or Testing). New domains may come up, but not too probable as of now. After this training, you're going to be shadow locked (as in allocated to a project, but you will not be financially charged to the client. You'll be charged to IDC). After 3 months, if the project still needs you, then you're hard locked (i.e. now you are financially charged to the client). During classroom training, you wouldn't need help from your seniors and during shadow lock period you're not going to do anything in the absence of seniors.
Work Environment: Accenture has a favorable work environment; people have fun while working here.
Brand Value: Accenture globally is known as a pure consulting company, the kind of outsourcing work it does in India contributes less than 2 percent to its overall revenue. In fact Infosys always aims to be like Accenture.
Work Life Balance: Accenture gives flexible office timings. The office culture is open and a person gets reward for the work he does.
Job Security: Accenture provides real good job security, never mess with their policies and you are safe.Co-workers competence: About average, doesn’t hire geeks anyway, and job doesn’t need great technical skills also.Bond: Bond is an agreement between u and the company stating that you'd work with Accenture for a minimum period or else pay compensation to the company towards your training and allied expenditure. Now, UR asked to sign a bond only when you nearly complete the training. Depending on your technology, the bond amount may vary. For example the bond amount for Java is 50,000/- whereas for a hot skill like Peoplesoft, it's 1,00,000/-. The bond duration is for one year.
Facilities: It promotes a concept called as GPTW (Great Place To Work). You have a Wellness Room (In house Clinic), Gym, Recreation Room (for Indoor Games), etc. We even have a Movies Club here that shows Movies occasionally (now I don’t think any other company can do this). More over Accenture takes care of Security and Safety. In short it makes you feel at home :)